Nepean City Soccer Club
Nepean City, Canada

Contributed by Olivia Gallant.

Olivia says:
"Here is my club's (not my team's) patch. I know it looks sort of cheap, but where Nepean City lacks in creative patches, we excel in spirit. It is a very old patch .... 1995 I think.
My team, the "Nepean City Menace" U15W (west) Girl's team, came in second in our season, being beaten only by the Brookville Generals 5-4 in a heartbreaking loss, although I thoroughly enjoyed the game... I scored 2 goals and got 2 assists! I love my team so much.
By the way, Nepean City is on the western outskirts of Ottawa, Ontario (Canada's capital). Don't confuse us with other Nepean clubs (like the Hotspurs, Rangers, or Nepean United)."

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Patch #514, added on October 27, 1997.

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