Mit Schalke Ist Der Sieg!

Schalke04: Mit Schalke Ist Der Sieg!
The Win is with Schalke!

On March 11, 2001Robert W. sent us comments on this patch that was formerly in our Mystery Patches section.

"Although I don't speak German ( to translate the sentence ), the patch in question probably refers to the German Bundesliga team, Schalke 04, from Gladbeck, Germany."
On June 20, 2001, Tobias Kirch ( added:

This patch belongs to to Schalke04, a club from Gelsenkirchen, Germany. It became Vice-Champion and Cup-Winner in Germany this year. The sentence means "The Win is with Schalke". The "Attacke" is one of the best known calls from them, always after a trumpet riff of one fan.



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From the collection of Jason Rubin

Patch #1258, added on February 10, 2001.

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