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August 2001
08.22 Added F. C. Puma, Northboro, Massachusetts.
08.15 Added Chesterfield Flames (new), Chesterfield, Virginia.
08.08 Added Southampton Soccer Club, Southampton, Pennsylvania.
AYSO The American Youth Soccer Organization website. continues as the Soccer Site of the Month.
08.01 The Mallard Creek Soccer Club (NC) patch has been added and selected as the Patch of the Month.

July 2001
07.27 Added Dighton-Rehoboth Strikers Soccer Club, Dighton-Rehoboth, Massachusetts.
07.23 Added Rush-Henrietta Soccer Club, Henrietta, New York.
07.19 Added Velocity Soccer Club website. southern Maine.
07.15 Added Amesbury Soccer 2001, Amesbury, Massachusetts.
07.12 Added Halloween Festival Tournaments 2000, Brownsburg, Indiana.
07.09 We have hit the 1300 patch mark!!
Thanks to all of our contributors!!!
07.09 Added Youth Soccer Association to the Mystery Patches section.
07.07 Added Sandwich Soccer Club 1999, Sandwich, Massachusetts.
07.05 Added Upper Chesapeake Soccer Club, Abingdon, Maryland.
07.03 Added Lynbrook/East Rockaway Soccer Club, Lynbrook, New York.
AYSO The American Youth Soccer Organization website has been selected as the Soccer Site of the Month.
07.01 The Bayport Soccer Club (NY) patch has been selected as the Patch of the Month.

June 2001
06.31 Added Northborough Youth Soccer Association, Northborough, Massachusetts.
06.29 Added Chambersburg Pepsi Challenge Cup 2001, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.
06.26 Added Tenafly United Soccer Club Tornadoes, Tenafly, New Jersey.
06.23 Added Boxford Soccer, Boxford, Massachusetts.
06.20 Added additional commentary from Tobias Kirch on several patches that were formerly in the Mystery Patches section. These include: Borussia M'Gladbach; Nordkurve; and Schalke04: Mit Schalke Ist Der Sieg!, which has been moved to the Foreign section.
06.18 Added Z. Stivers page.
06.18 Added Halloween Festival Tournaments 1999, Brownsburg/Avon, Indiana.
06.14 Added Sandwich Soccer Club 2001, Sandwich, Massachusetts.
06.10 Added Haverhill PAL, Haverhill, Massachusetts.
06.08 Added Hopewell Valley Soccer Club (#2), Hopewell, New Jersey.
06.05 Added Knoxville Stars Soccer Club, Knoxville, Tennessee.
06.03 Added Radford Soccer Club Lady Cats, Radford, Virginia.
US Youth Soccer The US Youth Soccer website has been selected as the June Soccer Site of the Month.
06.01 The Cecil Soccer Club (MD) patch has been selected as the Patch of the Month.

May 2001
05.28 Added Baysiders, Oregon, Ohio.
05.25 Added East Hudson Youth Soccer League Sportsmanship, East Hudson, New York.
05.23 Added Essex County Friendship Cup 2000, Essex County, Massachusetts.
05.20 Added Halloween Festival Tournaments, Brownsburg/Avon/Pike, Indiana.
05.18 Added Keystone NEPSAY Soccer Fest 2000, Dickson City, Pennsylvania.
05.16 Added Ashford Soccer, Ashford, Connecticut.
05.13 Added Halloween Festival Tournaments, Brownsburg/Avon, Indiana.
05.08 Added Mahopac Sports Association Soccer, Mahopac, New York.
US Indoor Soccer
The US Indoor Soccer Association website has been selected as the May Soccer Site of the Month.
05.02 The Northern Steel Soccer Club (PA) patch has been selected as the Patch of the Month.


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