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December 1996
12.31 Added Paducah Club Storm, Paducah, Kentucky.
12.30 Added Eastern Pike Soccer, Matamoras, Pennsylvania.
12.28 Added Scarborough, Maine Soccer Club, Scarborough, Maine.
12.23 The Game Behind the Game Award The Soccer Patch is nominated for

here is a history ARCHIVE of The Game Behind The Game's
Award for Soccer Website Excellence

12.19 The staff of The Soccer Patch leaves for a much-needed vacation.
12.18 Added Mt. Laurel United Soccer, Mt. Laurel, NJ.
12.17 Added a note to the T.W.I.S.T. 1985 Wallingford, CT, Invitational patch.
12.16 Added a note to the Fort Washington, Maryland patch.
12.12 Added Fairfax Police Youth Club, Fairfax County, VA.
12.10 Added Sterling YSA 16th Annual Tournament, 1996, Sterling, VA.
12.04 Added Swarthmore Soccer, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.
12.02 Added Piscataway Soccer Club, Piscataway, New Jersey.
12.01 Planet Soccer
Planet Soccer (Australia)
is selected as the December
Soccer Site of the Month
12.01 Corpus Christi Thanksgiving Day Tournament, 1993, Corpus Christi, Texas, is selected as the December Patch of the Month.
November 1996
11.28 The staff of Edge of Chaos, parent company of The Soccer Patch, goes on a business trip.
11.26 Added Pegasus Soccer Club, Chicago, Illinois.
11.24 Added a Kirsten Schmid page.
11.24 Added Babylon Soccer Club, Babylon Village, NY.
11.23 Added FPYC Father's Day Tournament, 1996, Fairfax, VA.
11.22 Added Jenks Soccer Club, Jenks, OK.
11.21 Added a biography and team picture to the Allen Brookey page.
11.21 Added Broken Arrow Soccer Club, Broken Arrow, OK.
11.20 Added FPYC Labor Day Tournament, 1996, Fairfax, VA.
11.19 Added Massapequa Soccer Club, Massapequa, New York.
11.18 Added Quabbin Valley Soccer Club, Quabbin Valley, Mass.
11.17 Added Lafayette June Fiesta Soccer Tournament, 1996, Virginia Beach, VA.
11.16 Added Gillette Soccer Club, Gillette, Wyoming.
11.15 Added Central Tulsa Soccer Club, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
11.14 Added PWSI 20th Anniversary, Prince William County, Virginia.
11.13 Added Delran Soccer Club, Delran, New Jersey.
11.12 Added Greater Chester Valley Soccer Assn., Malvern, Pennsylvania.
11.11 Added New Hampshire, Oklahoma, and Texas pages.
11.11 Added Allen Brookey page.
11.11 Added 4th Annual Bluebonnet Classic, 1995, Brenham, Texas.
11.10 Added Union Soccer League, Union, New Jersey.
11.09 Added V.I.S.T.A. Tornado, Fairfax, Virginia.
11.08 Added Corpus Christi Thanksgiving Day Tournament, 1993, Corpus Christi, TX.
11.07 Added East Islip Soccer, East Islip, New York.
11.06 Added SYC, Springfield Select Soccer, Springfield, Virginia.
11.05 Added Gaudio family page.
11.05 Added Chantilly Soccer Club, Chantilly, Virginia.
11.04 Added California Youth Soccer Association, South, California.
11.03 Added C. R. Vasco de Gama, Brasil.
11.02 Added Southern California Blues Soccer Club, Orange County, CA.
SoccerCoach selected as Soccer Site of the Month
11.01 Hopewell Valley Soccer Club, Hopewell, New Jersey,
is selected as the Patch of the Month.
October 1996
10.30 Added East Anglia Youth Football, England.
10.29 Added Oklahoma Soccer Association.
10.28 Added VISTA Burke Sting (new), Burke, VA.
10.27 Added Stoddert Soccer, Washington, DC.
10.26 Added Babylon Soccer, Babylon, NY.
10.25 Added Hopewell Valley Soccer Club, Hopewell, NJ.
10.24 Added WAGS, Spring 1994, DC.
10.23 Added Nashua World Cup Tournament, 1996, Nashua, NH.
10.22 Added Great Falls, Great Falls, Virginia.
10.21 Created Maryland and Tennessee pages.
10.21 Added Green Country Soccer Assoc., Oklahoma.
10.20 Added Broken Arrow Express, Broken Arrow, OK.
10.20 Congratulations to DC United on winning the Major League Soccer Championship!
10.19 Added Pittsgrove Soccer Club, Pittsgrove, NJ.
10.18 Added Edison United Soccer Assoc., Edison, NJ.
10.17 Added La Plata Blackhawks, La Plata, MD.
10.16 Added Marlboro Soccer Tournament, 1996, Marlboro, NJ.
10.15 Added Lacey Soccer, Lacey Township, NJ.
10.14 Added Vista Burke Sting team picture, including picture of Christina Cimino.
10.13 Added Carolina United Soccer Club, Chapel Hill-Durham, NC.
10.12 Added 85 CASL Caps Green, Raleigh, NC.
10.12 Added Bethesda Soccer Club Tournament, 1996, Bethesda, MD.
10.11 Added a page for Lisa Burbige.
10.11 Added Rose Tree Soccer Club, Media, PA.
10.10 Added Norfolk FC, Advanced, Youth Soccer, Norfolk, VA.
10.09 Added The Monroe United Soccer Club, Monroe, NY.
10.08 Added Wheaton Wings, Wheaton, IL.
10.03 Added Newport News Aztec Select Soccer Club, Newport News, VA.
10.02 Added Sociedade Esportiva PALMEIRAS, São Paulo, Brasil.
Youth Soccer at its Best
Youth Soccer at its Best selected as Soccer Site of the Month
10.01 Westport Soccer Association, Westport, Connecticut,
is selected as the Patch of the Month.

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