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The Soccer Patch

April 1999
04.30 Added Warrior Soccer Club, Huber Heights, Ohio.
04.28 Added St. Thomas More, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
04.26 We have reached the 1000 patch mark! WOW!!!.
04.26 Added F. C. Bayern, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
04.24 Added LaGrange Soccer Club (new), LaGrange, New York.
04.22 Added Saugus Youth Soccer, Saugus, Massachusetts.
04.19 Added Garden City Centennial Soccer Club, Garden City, New York.
04.18 Added Blackhawks '83, Houston, Texas.
04.17 Added FC Richmond Magic, Richmond, Virginia.
04.16 Added Urbana Soccer Association 1998, Urbana, Maryland.
04.14 Added New River Soccer Club, New River, Virginia.
04.11 Added Aurora Soccer Club 13th Annual Tournament, Aurora, Colorado.
04.10 Added Penfield Strikers Soccer Club, Penfield, New York.
04.05 Added Highline Soccer Association, Seattle, Washington.
04.03 WWC on the WWW
The WWC on the WWW website
has been selected as the April Soccer Site of the Month.
04.02 The S. C. Baltimore Outlaws, Baltimore, Maryland, patch has been added
and has been selected as the Patch of the Month.

March 1999
03.30 Added Montbello 3v3 Tournament, 1999, Montbello, Colorado.
03.29 Added United Quest Soccer Club, Atlanta, Georgia.
03.28 Added Lakewood United Fury, Lakewood, Colorado.
03.27 Added Aurora Soccer Club 12th Annual Tournament, Aurora, Colorado.
03.25 Added Spartanburg Soccer Association, Spartanburg, South Carolina.
03.24 Added East Tennessee Soccer Federation (#2).
03.23 Added USYSA Oklahoma American Cup Tournament 1998.
03.22 Added US Soccer Federation 1999 Referee patch.
03.21 Added Sparta Soccer Club, Sparta, New Jersey.
03.19 Added Westfield Killer Bees, Westfield, New Jersey.
03.18 Added Stafford Vipers, Stafford, Virginia.
03.17 Added Tempe Soccer Club Thanksgiving Tournament 14, 1993, Tempe, Arizona.
03.16 Added Norfolk Soccer, Norfolk, Massachusetts.
03.15 Added West Virginia S. A. Recreational Referee patch.
03.14 Added NECSA Storm, Columbia, South Carolina.
03.12 Added Indy Revolution, Indianapolis, Indiana.
03.11 Added Elm Grove Soccer Club, Elm Grove, Wisconsin.
03.09 Added MSC Meteor, Montgomery County, Maryland.
03.08 Added a new Help Needed section.
03.07 Added Cleveland County 86 Cobras, Cleveland County, North Carolina.
03.06 Added Hopkins F. C., Hopkins, Minnesota.
03.05 Added Knoxville Falcons Soccer Association, Knoxville, Tennessee.
03.04 Added Colorado State Youth Soccer Assoc. 1998 Pepsi Cup, Colorado.
03.03 Added Nova Stars Soccer Club, Collinsville, Illinois.
03.02 Added Philip Goldstein Tournament, 1999, Plainview - Old Bethpage, New York.
03.01 NYSWYSA logo
The New York State West Youth Soccer Assoc. website

has been selected as the March

Soccer Site of the Month.

03.01 The New York State West Youth Soccer Association pin has been selected as the Patch of the Month.

February 1999
02.19 Added Millis Soccer Club, Millis, Massachusetts.
02.18 Added "Red" Fines Sportsmanship Award, Stafford County, Virginia.
02.17 Added United Quest Canterbury Cup 1995, Atlanta, Georgia.
02.16 Added Bavarian Soccer Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
02.15 Added Boulder F. C., Boulder, Colorado.
02.14 Added Blast Soccer, Colorado.
02.13 Added Parma Soccer, Parma, Ohio.
02.12 Added Long Island Junior Soccer League Division Champions, L. I., New York.
02.11 Added Rug Ratz, Savannah, Georgia.
02.10 Added Eastern F. C., Greenwich, Connecticut.
02.09 Added Montgomery S. A. Mustangs, Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania.
02.08 Added South Charleston Soccer, South Charleston, West Virginia.
02.07 Added Lightning Soccer Club, Atlanta, Georgia.
02.06 Added Roseville Youth Soccer Club, Roseville, California.
02.05 Added Stafford Recreational Soccer League, Stafford, Virginia.
02.04 Added UNAM, Mexican Premiere League.
02.03 Added Taco Bell Fall Classic, 1998, Wood County, West Virginia.
02.02 Added River-Fest Soccer Classic, 1995, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
02.01 The FC Force 1999 Calendar link and the K.G. Mellor Tribute
have been moved to the Misc Sites page.
02.01 Soccer Tip Of The Day
The Soccer Tip Of The Day site
has been selected as the February
Soccer Site of the Month.
02.01 The Winchester Soccer Club (Winchester, MA) patch has been added
and has been selected as the Patch of the Month.

January 1999
01.31 Added Southbury Soccer Club, Southbury, Connecticut.
01.30 Added United Quest Canterbury Cup 1996, Atlanta, Georgia.
01.29 Added BAYSA: Bay Area Youth Soccer Association, Houston/Galveston, Texas.
01.28 Added Tempe Soccer Club Tenth Annual Thanksgiving Tournament 1989, Tempe, Arizona.
01.27 Added Real Colorado, Colorado.
01.26 Added Yardley Morrisville Soccer Club, Yardley-Morrisville, Pennsylvania.
01.25 Added Marietta Soccer League, Marietta, Ohio.
01.24 Added KVSL Regatta Soccer Tournament 1995, So. Charleston, West Virginia.
01.23 Added West Gwinnett Herricanes, Duluth, Georgia.
01.22 Added Alaska Goldstrikers, Alaska.
01.21 Added Seminole Sparks, Seminole County, Florida.
01.20 Added East Meadow American Ref-Fuel Tournament Pin '93, East Meadow, New York.
01.19 Added Concorde Challenge Cup, 1996, Atlanta, Georgia.
01.18 Added Southwestern Youth Association, Fairfax County, Virginia.
01.17 Added Capital Area Classic 1997, Lansing, Michigan.
01.16 Added Aurora Sting, Aurora, Colorado.
01.15 Added Oshawa Turul Y.S.C., Ontario, Canada.
01.14 Added Marietta Times Brock Thiele Memorial, 1997, Marietta, Ohio.
01.13 Added Piggly Wiggly Soccer Shootout, 1996, Charleston, South Carolina.
01.12 Added New Mexico High School State Championship 1996, New Mexico.
01.11 Added Freehold Soccer League, Freehold, New Jersey.
01.10 Added Maitland Maulers, Maitland, Florida.
01.09 Added New Horizons Soccer Club, Essex, Vermont.
01.08 Added Grove City Kids Association Soccer, Grove City, Ohio.
01.07 Added Peterborough City Soccer Association, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
01.06 Added KVSL, Kanawha Valley Soccer League, Kanawha Valley, West Virginia.
01.05 Added West Gwinnett Sting, Duluth, Georgia.
01.04 Added St. Catharines Concord Soccer Club, Ontario, Canada.
01.03 Added Oahu Interscholastic Association: Official, Hawaii.
01.02 Added Weston Soccer, Weston, Connecticut.
01.01 Smoke-Free Kids and Soccer
The Smoke-Free Kids and Soccer site
has been selected as the January
Soccer Site of the Month.
01.01 The Smoke-Free Kids and Soccer patch has been selected as the Patch of the Month.


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