Greenwood Lake 2001 Kick off, NY patch

Feb. 2001
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Greenwood Lake Soccer Club
2001 New Year Kick off

Greenwood Lake, New York

Donated by Bill Sahler, President and Tournament
Director, Greenwood Lake Soccer Club.

Bill, and the Greenwood Lake Soccer Club,
can be reached via email at:

Visit the Greenwood Lake Soccer Club website.

Bill says:
"I'm the President of the Greenwood Lake Soccer Club as well as the Tournament Director. This year marks the 21st year we have sponsored this event. The event takes place over two consecutive weekends, Jan. 13, 14, and 20, 21, 2001. We sponsor 10 divisions in our tournament, featuring 7 teams per division. Age ranges are from Under 8 mixed to Under 16. This year our tournament will see 70 teams, up to 800 players, playing 210 games across the two weekends.
   Each player receives a patch for entering our tournament. The patch we submitted to you last year, you honored us as The Soccer Patch Patch of the Month for February 2000. Our entire club really got a big boost from it! This year's patch is a silk-screen patch instead of an embroidered patch. We did this so that we could create and sell event tee shirts that match! In addition, all of our Keeper Placques included the same logo. We went for a more complete package this year, and we feel it looked very good.
   I designed this patch with an abstract theme, that would be interpreted as a boy (in blue) or as a girl (red pony tail). All the printing chores were accomplished thanks to Laura and Luis from 'Trophies and More Printing Express.' "

Patch #1252, added on January 14, 2001.


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