Corpus Christi (TX) Tournament, 1993 patch

Corpus Christi Thanksgiving Day Tournament, 1993
Corpus Christi, Texas

Contributed by Allen Brookey.

Patch # 633, added on Nov. 8, 1996

Dec. 1996

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Allen says:
"I love this patch. Corpus Christi is a coast town in southern Texas that is famous for its beach. I played against a Mexican team from Monterray, Mexico. It was fun - they came in buses and their parents and fans sang and blew horns the entire game. We got beat badly - 8-0. They were an Under 8 team that ran plays and controlled the ball. At the end of the game, they gave us gifts - bumper stickers that said "Don't do drugs" but in Spanish. Their parents all wanted to take pictures of us with their kids - especially me since I was so much bigger than them."

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